SafetyPlus works with Healthcare Leaders in Ebola Response

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The world’s “Ebola response” has frequented the news headlines since late July of 2014. That response has rightfully focused on the victims in the most impacted nations in West Africa, the medical missionaries and health care teams who have devoted their skills and expertise in the efforts, and the alarm of just how this deadly communicable disease spreads.

America has seen the Ebola impact through the lens of concern as a population center characteristic of global travelers, international business hubs, and tourists from every “corner” of the globe. The United States has also been a source of many of the medical team who has been on the ground and even identified in Time Magazine’s 2014 Person of the Year.

While the treatment of American healthcare workers who have returned home after being diagnosed Ebola positive at centers of care such as Emory University Hospital, the National Institutes of Health Hospital and the University of Nebraska Hospital has featured the advances and expertise of the medical teams who are highly trained and specialized in the treatment of this and other deadly infectious diseases, a key ingredient in the transport, the treatment, and the safety of healthcare personnel and treatment facilities is not frequently discussed, yet mission critical.

The isolation, containment, and decontamination of all used equipment, waste, byproducts, and the physical environs exposed to the deadly pathogen, Ebola is a vital need demanding expertise.

SafetyPlus, LLC, a single source Certification and Compliance provider that works to provide safe solutions in the critical environments, has been involved in the continuum of care of Ebola and other infectious disease patients.

SafetyPlus works with the aviation company, Phoenix Air Group that has exclusively transported Ebola patients to specialized treatment facilities for care in the decontamination, biological monitoring, and rigorous certification requirements to return to service.

SafetyPlus works with Emory University, the University of Nebraska, and the National Institutes of Health Hospital to decontaminate, monitor, and re-certify its treatment rooms, negative isolation rooms, surgical suites, and equipment.

SafetyPlus addresses the infectious waste and byproducts of Ebola patients and other infectious disease patients to prepare for medical waste transport.

SafetyPlus employs procedures and processes created and approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in each of its solutions: chemical and biological monitoring and reporting, decontamination, compliance, and certification.

In the recent Ebola response, SafetyPlus has activated its Biological Emergency Response Team ™ to address the escalated needs of critical expertise employing techniques and applying solutions that permit no margin of error.

Partnering with BioQuell, SafetyPlus uses hydrogen peroxide vapor technology among other proven procedures and interventions that ensure the highest safety and infectious disease standards are met.

All health care facilities must meet strict regulatory mandates that provides safety to your patients, your personnel, and the public. SafetyPlus will work seamlessly with your facility and health team to craft the appropriate response to your decontamination, compliance, and certification needs through proven solutions that are utilized by healthcare leaders. Make SafetyPlus part of your team in providing the vital solutions of your critical environments.